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For three generations and spanning well over forty years now, we have been proudly involved in the business of rocks, minerals or gemstones one way or another. we were able to increase  our clientele. Now we hold direct access to several mines in Pakistan and  Afghanistan to sift through those magnificent gems and minerals, which happen  to be some of the finest in the world, that the whole of the Karakurram range of Mountains is so famous for. Because of our unique position of being in  the direct market for procuring these magnificent gemstones to the customer,  we are wonderfully positted to offer our goods at wholsale prices to all our  buyers. We can promise you the best prices available on the market for the  finest gems. We trade in all the magnificent rocks, fossils or minerals of   Pakistan and Afghanistan. Our speciality is all the famous gems of this region—emerald,  ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline, topaz (including the rare pink topaz), kunzite,  apitite, diopside, epidote, peridot, zircon, pargasite, sapphire,bastnasite,   citrine, quartz etc. and of course beautiful blue Lapis Lazuli…plus many more!

We are based in the old and rather mystical city of Peshawar, which is a valley surroundd by hills. Peshawar is a historical  city, sitting on the eastern end of the world famous Khyber Pass inside Pakistan,  and has since time immemorial been a gateway to famous conquerors entering  the Indian Subcontinent from Afghanistan. Through here, 5000 years ago, the  Aryans moved in from Central Asia to conquer India. Other famous historical  names seem to be like a who’s who of history: Alexander the Great, Genghis  Khan, Mahmud Ghaznavi, Tamarlane, Babur and many others. Thus Peshawar, which traces its history to at least 500 years BC, and is a mere 35 miles from the border with troubled Afghanistan has both imbibed and thrived from a constantly  vibrant evolution.

At one time it was the center of Buddhist culture,  and spawned a magnificent Buddhist civilization, which now is famous in history  as the Gandhara Civilization. For centuries has Peshawar remained as a trading  post for sundry travelers coming from India to
Central Asia and Russia and vice versa, to meet each other and trade their wares. There is in fact still  a very old street in Peshawar, called the Street of The Storytellers, where  in ancient times travelers would get together and tell each other stories of their

Although times have changed, the world has changed, and now the city is bursting at the seams with a horrendous population explosion,  and has become so much dirtier, dustier and grimier, yet the uniqueness of Peshawar still as a magnificent trading post remains unchanged. Beautiful  gems, rocks and minerals, from the nearby Karakurrum Mountains and from Afghanistan come and go here everyday. Gemstones, rocks and minerals, coming to you from the very place that spawns them, is quite a unique opportunity to avail. Because of our incredible access to the many magnificent minerals of the region due to our exclusive rights in sundry mines of many famous gemstones of the region,  we extend to both collectors and dealers worldwide this great opportunity  of making our wares available on wholesale rates. We look forward to be hearing  from you soon

For More Info. Contact Mr. Tariq Malik +92-323-6666556, +92-51-5595690.. Office # 4, Farhan Plaza, Gulraiz Commercial Center, Gulraiz Colony, Rawalpindi Pakistan